Resume WritingResume often called as C.V (curriculum vitae) is a piece of document representing your academics, skills and experience. It is not only the content of the resume but also its format which represents whether you are a fresh graduate or already serving in the industry for some time. You can not neglect the importance of format, especially when you are applying in corporate sector. You should always be aware of the fact that your resume will always be in the hand of those who know every thing about resume writing. So it is necessary to make a professional impression by your resume writing.

Universal Types of Resume

The Functional Resume:
This is a format which emphasizes more on your qualification if;
•    You are just entering the job market
•    You want to re direct your career (i.e. change in job)
•    You have little continuous career related experience

Functional Resumes are:
•    Military: This type of resume is for you if you are seeking to make a transition from the military type of job to a civilian one.

  •  Entry: Just starting out? There’s no need to worry about the lack of experience. Ourresume writing experts can detect your best attributes displaying your full potential.
  •  Career Change: This type of resume is for you if you are seeking to make a transition from one career field to another identifying and highlighting the relevant skills.

The Chronological Resume:
This format is especially appropriate if you have a strong employment history and are aiming for a job that builds on your current career path.

Chronological Resumes are:
•    Professional: This type of resume fits best for those who are already established in a particular field or have an impressive history to backup a job change.

  •  Federal: Need resume help with your KSAs and ECQs? We can help you make convincing statements for your resume.
  •  Executive: With this kind of resume your career accomplishments will be emphasized while highlighting your experience as an executive level professional.

The Combination Resume:
This resume format includes the best features of both functional and chronological resumes. It is often used by those who have high accomplishments in different jobs over the years. But it is not used very commonly because it becomes lengthy at times.